What is Bedrock?

☆ bed·rock (-räk′)

- solid rock beneath the soil and superficial rock
- a secure foundation
- basic principles or facts


Founded in 2002, Bedrock personnel have provided consulting services to fortune 500 companies and government agencies and have provided firms with recommendations related to strategy, marketing, and other corporate initiatives.

Bedrock has also made strategic corporate investments in information technology, digital media, banking, healthcare, and real estate related firms.

Our Engagements

Bedrock has deep business expertise in the IT consulting space as well as other industries. Here are some of the companies that have engaged Bedrock to help them achieve their corporate objectives.

Our Investments

Bedrock has made investments in various companies across multiple industries. Below are some of the companies Bedrock and its principals have invested in.

Client Testimonials

Bedrock's founder has been instrumental in providing personnel to many of IBM's federal ERP initiatives over the last decade. He has been a trusted partner and someone I would look to work with in the future.
Former Partner, IBM