Bedrock Investments invests in Opternative

Bedrock Investments, through Trebuchet Fund IV LLC, has invested in Opternative, an early stage  company based out of Chicago, IL focused on provided online eye exams.  Opternative has developed the world’s first online eye examination system that delivers a valid prescription, signed by an ophthalmologist, for both glasses and contacts. The exam takes 5-7 minutes and can be completed on any computer or tablet without the need of a web camera.

Opternative has received $1M in seed funding from Tribeca Venture Partners and Chicago Ventures and others (including Lon Chow, Armando Paukker and Wayne Boulais from Apex Venture Partners; Tao Huag, a partner at Range Light and former CIO of Morningstart, Inc; Sam Yagan, CEO of; Michael Sachs, CEO of Sg2; Jim DeYoung, a managing member of D-W Investments, LLC; John Rompton, a parter at McNally Capital; and David Herrman, an executive director at Morgan Stanley).  

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